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Free Speech Is one thing - being a total ass is another. We respect the views of other people and know there are two sides to everything... but there is a time and place for things.. this fool hasn't figured that out...someone bitchslap him. Thanks. I for one won't be watching any of his second rate films.
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UPDATE 2005 - JAN !

New Toys

Welp..its 2005..and I just got my order of BATTLESTAR toys from JOYRIDE in today. They include the CLASSIC VIPER,CYLON RAIDER, and CYLON... Things look promising enough from the packaging...they are small but decent...of course there are PROBLEMS!!

The biggest problem I have right off the bat is that the viper started to fall apart right before my eyes as it came out of the package.. It seemed as if little or no glue had been used to attach all the parts..worse yet, one of the engine intakes was installed at a slight angle..making it look horrible... If you get the viper, don't forget to buy some good glue - cause you will basically have to re-glue this sucker together. ... The Cylon had similar problems, but not as bad since he was made out of less parts. However his shoulder armour popped off as soon as he got out of the package. Not good! At 14.00 bucks each there should be some quality.... these are potluck items...apparently joyride hasn't employed a quality control team on their battlestar line..too bad..since they have put out some good stuff in the past....I have to ask..whats going on guyys? Why such the shoddy workmanship?

Well if you get past the fact that these toys fall apart in your hands...they aren't bad looking...but I do have a few complaints... These aren't replicas of the show models,no.. instead these are replicas of the MONOGRAM models put out long ago..all of there flaws have been carried over... The viper is grey..(wrong color guys!)..the pilot is pretty small.. I think too small... the Raider has the same incorrect front end as the monogram model..and the cylon warrior just looks a little weird...hes got these long legs that dont look right.. WHEW! Lots to complain far as battlestar goes..these are the best "TOYS" put out for the original show so far...even if they fall will have a few seconds to enjoy them!... So whats the final verdict? Well..if you a fan..I'd say go to ebay and get em for 7 bucks or something..they are cool..but way overpriced for the workmanship!..

We now have a New Home for NEW Battlestar info as well as our other work. Please visit TFXART.COM . Will be posting NEW items to that page, including the TECH JOURNAL everyone has been requesting. This page will remain for the old stuff, plus new collectors items.

LINK: - be sure to visit the BATTLESTAR page there.

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Be Sure to Visit the Gallery for a few new images- Be Sure to REFRESH on those pages. Thanks.


JUNE-2001 !
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More images in the Gallery Section on pages 1-2-3..try em all...Also more updates to the Collectibles section. Be sure to hit Refresh on each page if you don't see anything new.

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I've added some BRAND NEW images for JUNE 2001. Please Check them out by clicking on MY IMAGE GALLERY on the left, or click on the FOLLOWING link.

Click here to go to New Art..Page 1 of Gallery now

Also Added more to the collectibles section. Have fun!

BookCOver.jpg - 49683 Bytes will be featuring an interview with Matt Busch, book cover artist for Richard's new BSG novel, "Resurrection" due this July. The site

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CLICK HERE to see scans from the PARKER BROS. Game

Remember This Little Guy?

Space Alert was a Hand Held Game by Mattel. If you want to try it, give the Virtual Version a spin. I haven't tried the pc one, but the real one is a blast.
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March 7, 2000 ,Actor John Colicos Dies at 71,Filed at 9:17 a.m. EST By The Associated Press

His best known TV role was as the treacherous COUNT BALTAR in ``Battlestar Galactica'' (1978-79) John Colicos appears in the BattleStar Galactica:Second Coming Trailer. It was a thrill to have him be a part of it. Hopefully everyone will be able to see all the footage that was shot of "COUNT BALTAR" in some fashion in the future.Its a shame that it has to remain locked up during this whole mess over BattleStar. I would very much like to see Count Baltar one more time..... Best Wishes to his family

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